About us

The School Improvement Unit (SIU) monitors and supports school performance and improvement through the administration of school reviews.

The SIU reviews​ all Queensland state schools at least once every four years, providing feedback and support tailored to each school’s unique needs and context. 

The SIU collates and analyses all school review data for emerging trends and areas requiring greater focus, with research results published in an annual report or periodic special reports.

The SIU also conducts training for school reviewers, principals and associate leaders in use of the National School Improvement Tool (PDF, 120KB)​ (NSIT). The training provides school leaders with a deep understanding of the nine domains of the NSIT, how these inform the SIU’s school review process, and how they can be used to drive their school’s improvement strategy.  

State school principals who complete the training can nominate to become a peer reviewer and participate in a school review. Individual schools or school clusters may also engage the SIU to deliver bespoke training that is tailored to their specific context.

The SIU has successfully delivered high-quality training and professional development to educators in more than 20 different jurisdictions, in Australia and abroad.

The SIU is led by an Assistant Director-General, who reports to the Director-General. The unit is independent from the delivery arm of Queensland state schools.

Please contact the SIU for more information.

Last updated
11 April 2019