Types of reviewers

Internal reviewers

Internal reviewers are experienced state school principals seconded to the School Improvement Unit (SIU) for a negotiated period of time to lead the different reviews.

For more information on becoming an internal reviewer, please email the SIU.

External reviewers

External reviewers are from outside the department and are contracted by the SIU to take part in reviews.

Invitations to offer for external reviewers are published on QTenders​ periodically. Interested parties can register their details online. For more information, email the SIU. A fact sheet (914KB)​ about external reviewers is also available.

Principal peer reviewers

All Queensland state school principals are invited to be trained as peer reviewers and participate in a full school review.

Interested principals should keep an eye out for training sessions in their region. For more details, go to the training page or email the SIU.​​​​​​​​​

Senior reviewers

Senior reviewers are experienced principals appointed to the SIU. They lead training, oversee reviews and case manage priority support reviews.


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18 February 2019