Anthony Ryan

​Principal experience

16 years 

Most recent principal position

Currajong State School, 2010-present 

Other experience

  • Mentor/coach to school leaders
  • Regional Advisor (managing student behaviour)
  • I have taught in and supported many schools, from small remote schools to urban schools, in three states.  

Areas of interest

I am passionate about building cultures in schools that are collaborative within and outside the school community, and where the intentional work to support all students to succeed is made explicit for all. Open, honest and focused teams will drive school improvement. I am currently keenly focused on the search for the holy grail of teaching 'differentiation' where every student is challenged and growing all day every day in every classroom. 

Why did you want to become a reviewer?

My own personal 'why' is 'to make life easier'. This does not mean the journey is necessarily easy. However, if we focus on the right work, with the right support, what seems insurmountable at the moment can be achieved. Having been involved with the work of the School Improvement Unit from 2015, I have a firm belief that the review process is integral in providing the right support for schools and their leaders to focus on the right work to support school improvement. 

Other interests

  • Cycling
  • Travelling
  • Anything involving water

Anthony Ryan, Internal Reviewer
Last updated
12 February 2019