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The School Improvement Unit (SIU) has produced a series of short videos to explain what's involved in school reviews, including some examples drawn from Queensland schools.
These videos are available via the links in the right hand column, or by visiting the SIU YouTube Channel​​.​

Fu​ll school review

Full school reviews (PDF, 522KB) are the most common review type. They are for schools not designated for a self-determined or priority support review.​

For a quick overview of what is involved in a full school review, which is the standard type of review for Queensland state schools, watch the Inside a school review video.
Priority support r​eview
The SIU conducts a number of priority support reviews (PDF, 499KB) each year.
These reviews are for schools that have been identified as needing some extra support to further improve student learning outcomes. 
Priority support reviews are an acknowledgment of the diversity of circumstances facing Queensland schools and educators. They reflect a commitment to supporting every student - and every educator - to reach their full potential.
Priority support reviews are conducted in the same way as the SIU's other school reviews, except for two distinctions:
  • The reviews are led by the SIU's more experienced reviewers
  • The SIU and the region continue to support the school for 12 months after the review.

For more information, check out Priority support reviews - an overview and some of the example school review videos.​ 

Self-determined review
Each year a number of Queensland state schools undertake a self-determined review (PDF, 229KB)

Self-determined reviews are for schools identified as having a trajectory of sustained improvement. They are given the autonomy to organise a review specific to their needs. This includes selecting reviewers (which may be SIU​ reviewers, or independent consultants).

See the links in the right hand column for some video examples of successful self-determined reviews.
After the review
At the completion of each review, the school is given a report, which details key findings and improvement strategies for the school to consider further. Schools generally receive their review report within two weeks of review completion. Schools then consider the findings and share them with their school community. This includes posting the executive summary on their website.
Generally, reviews are scheduled in the year a school is due to update its four-year strategic plan, providing an opportunity to implement improvement strategies identified during the review process.
Schools who have received a priority support review receive additional support via the SIU and regional office for 12 months following the review.
Information obtained during school reviews across Queensland is collated, centrally analysed and reported by the SIU.  
For a brief summary of 2016 findings, watch the SIU Annual Report video​.

 Review process videos

Full school reviews
Priority support reviews
Self-determined reviews
After a review
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11 July 2019