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What is a school review?

The Department of Education is committed to supporting and improving the educational outcomes and achievements of Queensland school students. 

School reviews, conducted by the School Improvement Unit (SIU), are an important part of how the department supports and monitors Queensland state schools.

Reviewers​ give schools independent feedback about how they are performing and where they can improve. Principals use the findings to work with their school community and regional office to develop strategies and actions to move the school forward.

The reviews are not used to compare schools or to assess the performance of principals, teachers or school staff. They are about supporting schools in a differentiated way, with reviews tailored to a school’s context and needs. 

Reviewers are experienced school principals who are specifically trained in the review process​ by the SIU. Reviewers for schools are chosen with careful attention to the reviewer’s areas of professional experience and the school’s particular circumstances (for example, size, remoteness, cultural context or student needs).

All Queensland state schools (including independent public schools, special schools and outdoor and environmental education centres) are reviewed by the SIU at least once every four years. Reviews are generally scheduled for the year that a school is due to update its four-year strategic plan. Findings and feedback from the SIU are a valuable input into this process.

The school review process also supports research and data analysis across the sector, enabling the department to identify trends, share effective strategies and inform policy and planning. 

For school leaders:

Principals and associate leaders are encouraged to undertake training in the National School Improvement Tool (PDF, 120KB) prior to their school’s review. This training provides a valuable understanding of what school reviewers will be looking at, and also equips school leaders with an evidence-based framework to independently progress their school’s improvement journey.

More detailed information about the school review process is contained in the Toolkit for Principals (PDF, 1.77MB) and School Review Checklist for Principals (PDF, 510KB).

These and other relevant resources are also available to DoE staff via OnePortal.

For school staff:

For school staff, we recommend the quick one-page summary School reviews – information for school staff (PDF, 529KB)​. This briefly explains the nature and timing of school reviews, and the opportunity for participation.​​​​​​


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19 February 2019