For schools outside Queensland state system

In addition to its work cultivating continuous improvement in Queensland state schools, the School Improvement Unit (SIU) provides reviews, training and support to schools and educators outside of Queensland and Australia.

The SIU uses the National School Improvement Tool (NSIT) (PDF, 120KB) to conduct school reviews, and trains educators in how to apply the tool to drive their school’s improvement agenda.

The tool was developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) following extensive consultation with the Queensland Department of Education. It is an evidence-based instrument, providing schools with a consistent framework from which to consider their teaching and learning practices and improvement agenda.

Reviews conducted using the tool can be tailored to any school’s unique context, and training in how to apply the tool can be delivered according to the interests and experience levels of participants.

To date, the SIU has conducted school reviews and provided training and professional development in more than 20 different jurisdictions in Australia and abroad.

International students and educators

The Department of Education undertakes a range of offshore curriculum licensing activities, in several overseas locations. Curriculum Licensed Schools provide the Australian P-10 curriculum while Queensland Recognised Schools provide the Year 11 and 12 Queensland curriculum.
The SIU provides a suite of services to help quality assure the education provided to students accessing these curricula from outside Queensland, including consultancy and school reviews, as well as school improvement training for educators.
Partnering with the Department of Education International (DEi), the SIU has reviewed schools in China, the United Arab Emirates and Papua New Guinea.

Australian students and educators

The SIU has provided consultancy, school review and customised training services to Australian schools and education systems outside the Queensland state school sector.

For more information, please contact the SIU.

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21 January 2019