The Department of Education reviews all Queensland state schools, to ensure they’re delivering quality education to students.

The reviews are a collaborative process, intended to assess each school’s circumstances, to understand how the school’s leaders can be best supported to progress their school’s improvement journey.

All Queensland state schools – including independent public schools, special schools and outdoor environmental education centres - are reviewed every four years.

The reviews are conducted by experienced school principals, trained and appointed by the School Improvement Unit​ (SIU).

Reviewers look at a school's performance data and other information, and talk with a range of school community members including staff, parents and students.  

The review process​ is informed by the National School Improvement Tool (PDF, 120KB)​ (NSIT), which provides a framework for planning, implementing and measuring the success of schools’ improvement strategies. 

The SIU conducts NSIT training, both for reviewers​ and for school leaders, to help cultivate an environment of continuous improvement in Queensland state schools. School leaders are encouraged to undertake training in applying the NSIT, prior to their school’s review. 

At the completion of each review, the school is given a report, which details key findings and improvement strategies for the school to consider further. Schools generally receive their review report within two weeks of review completion. Schools then consider the findings and share them with their school community. This includes posting the executive summary on their website.

Generally, reviews are scheduled in the year a school is due to update its four-year strategic plan, providing an opportunity to implement improvement strategies identified during the review process.

Schools who have received a priority support review will receive additional support via the SIU and regional office for 12 months following the review.​

Information obtained during school reviews across Queensland is centrally analysed, with findings and trends shared through the SIU's annual report.

Review schedule

About a quarter of Queensland state schools are reviewed every year.
Please view the review schedule​ for school review dates.​​​

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18 February 2019