The School Improvement Unit, in partnership with QELi, offers training to principals, associate leaders and other school staff about the National School Improvement Tool and school reviews.

The training is a great way for school leaders and staff to learn how the tool can be used to drive improvement in their schools.
For more information, please see the training fact sheet or contact the SIU.
Training dates and registration details
Training dates and registration details are below. Participants from Queensland state schools are welcome to register for training outside of their region. Interested parties from other jurisdictions are advised to contact the SIU to arrange training. 
A short introductory course is available from the Learning Place website (accessible to Department of Education staff only). 
​Region ​Type ​Term​ ​Date ​Location ​Register
​CQR ​Associate leader ​3 ​12 Sep Rockhampton QELi
​DSR ​Associate leader ​3​ ​6 Aug ​Warwick QELi
​FNR ​Associate leader ​3 ​28 Aug​ ​Cairns QELi
​MER ​Associate leader ​3 ​17 Sep ​Brisbane QELi
Associate leader​ ​3 ​18 Sep ​Brisbane QELi
​NCR ​Principal​ 3 ​23-24 Jul​ ​Pelican Waters QELi
​Associate leader ​3​ 25 Jul​ ​Pelican Waters QELi
​Associate leader 4​ ​12 Nov​ ​TBA QELi
​NQR ​Principal ​4 29-30 Oct ​​Townsville QELi
​Associate leader 4 31 Oct ​Townsville QELi
​Associate leader 3 ​6 Sept ​Townsville QELi
​SER ​Associate leader ​4 ​15 Oct ​Gold Coast QELi
All ​All staff ​3 14 Sept Web conference OneChannel​


Last updated
29 August 2018